Airport Taxi Information

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It takes a special type of person to be a taxi driver. They need to be knowledgeable about the area they cover and theyneed to be people friendly. If you are lucky you might, just might get a taxi driver that is both of these things.
But how to tell this is the big question. Especially when you are in that, “Get me out of the airport,”
mode. In most cases the only taxis that are lined up at large airports are there to pick up what may be called easy fares.
Easy Fares are business men and women that know where they are going, how long it should take to get there and what the fare will be with the tip. The taxi drivers are ready, willing, and able to pick up these fares and zoom them to their destinations, and get back to pick up the next batch of arrivals.
However, if you are vacationing and need to go to an off the beaten path to just a three star, or less, motel or hotel be sure to get assistance from the taxi stand manager to get you a cab. This way you can
ask if the taxi actually knows where you need to go and how much it will cost.
In getting a taxi at an airport know that usually there is a queue, or a line that taxis are in to pick up
fares. This means that taxis are NOT usually allowed to pick up fares outside of the taxi line. This
is for two reasons: Hopefully the first reason is to keep the public safe and sound. Not to be “taken for a ride” so to speak. Not to be over-charged or left stranded somewhere. And also to keep the playing field fare to all taxis.
Being aware of your surroundings and using your common sense will get you from the airport to your destination with little trouble and without being charged for a forty mile trip when you are only going five.
Never forget that the taxi driver is doing his or her best to make a living. To get home to their family at
the end of the day and live life—just like you are. Treat them like you would want to be treated.